Bahria Town Lahore Sector F

Bahria Town Lahore Sector F

Even after 5 years bahria town management is not lenient to fullfill its commitment with Sector F effectees.

First management moved some 1200 sector f allotees to a new block named Touheed block with very slow development & short of land almost 40% again 60% will be moved to another pocket once the land is available.bahria management is just buying time & time with a new lollypop for sector f customers everytime.

Now they had revamped an old sector f block Abubakar & named it as Ghazi block with some very little 10 marla plots & no properly planned streets just shedding the burden from shoulders above that Alamgir block & Sheikh Saadi block is still pending to develop with no land available.

Bahria Town management should have to revamp his policies & should take care of his genuine customers who trusted bahria in time of need.

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